Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keys To Remembering Your Dreams

By Ann Baldwin

• The first thing is to get a notepad and pencil or pen and keep them next to your bed (in reaching distance.)

• Set your mental clock and regular alarm to about an hour before you need to get up. In regards to alarms, avoid music and/or radio stations, because you need to reduce (preferably eliminate) all voices, influences and outside stimulation. The goal is to wake slowly and stay in a half-awake, half-asleep state.

• Upon waking every morning, begin writing out everything you do remember no matter what it is; I call these dream highlights. It could be objects, sounds, feelings or whole scenes. Don’t worry or think about whether they make sense or not. The important thing is to get as many impressions down on paper that you do remember.

• If you wake and have absolutely no memory of any part of your dreams, try this exercise. I created this many years ago to help trigger the memory of my dreams, because even after 34 years of working with them, I still have mornings where I don’t recall them right away.

Write down all the letters in the alphabet on the left side of the page; A on line one, B on line two and so forth. Then, write down the first words that come to mind after each letter. If four words pop into your mind for the letter A go with it, then move on to the next letter. If a word comes to mind that begins with the letter T and you’re looking at B words, then jump down and fill in the word after the T. The key is to follow the natural flow of thoughts. The second stage in this exercise is to write out common everyday things that we see and dream about like cars, food, animals, water, mountains etc. The more you remember your dreams, the more familiar you will get with what kinds of things you tend to dream about more often. All it takes sometimes is one word that will trigger the memory of your dreams.

The more you practice remembering your dreams, the more vivid they will become. Most of my dreams are like movies and I’ve trained myself to be able to fast forward, rewind, pause, and play them again. You can learn to do the same thing.

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