Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dream Interpretation

This is my belief, based on my 34 years of researching, studying, and working with my own dreams; you are the only person who can truly interpret your own dreams. While I won’t interpret your dreams for you, I will help you to learn how to interpret and understand your own.

I say that you’re the only person who can interpret them for basically two reasons. One, everyone has a different definition for words; for example, if I put 10 people in a room and asked them to define the word love, I’d get 10 different answers. Two, your experiences in life with different subjects will change through time; for example, you could fear water for many years, because you didn’t know how to swim. However, once you learned to swim, you would no longer be afraid of water. So, if you dreamt of water during those earlier years, it’s going to have a whole different meaning, than it will in the latter years. In turn, being aware of how you currently feel about the subjects that you’re dreaming about is a major key to helping you to understand the dreams better.

Here is an exercise to help you begin:

Write down all of the key subjects like people, places, and things that are in the dream and then write out all the words you associate with those subjects; for example, lets say you had a dream about horses, now, ask yourself “how do I feel about horses?” and write out all the words that come to you.

Working with your dreams involves working with what is currently going on in your waking life. The spirit world, which we connect to through our dreams, works with the earthly world that we live in everyday. This can be a tough one to explain, but I’ll try.
I live in 3 different worlds; the earthly world, while awake, the spirit world, while asleep and the creative world, while awake and connected to the spirit world. And for those of you with a sense of humor the answer is yes, I’m awake with my head in the clouds a lot!!!! Ha Ha Ha & I thank God everyday.

I hope this gets you started on your own path, which will be a journey filled with incredible enlightenment and giving you more purpose and direction in your life.

Now that I’ve been up for 24 hours straight ……I’m going to sleep & hopefully have sweet, peaceful dreams.

Thank you for entering
The Land of Make Believe
Where Your Dream is What You Achieve.

Dreamboat Annie
Giving Those Without A Voice A Way To Be Heard.

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