Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting Into Character

By Brandilyn Collins

Book Review
By Ann Baldwin

Brandilyn Collins’ book Getting Into Character:Seven Secrets A Novelist Can Learn From Actors (Wiley 2002) is written through the unique perspective of an actor. What do fictional writers and actors have in common?

As Brandilyn states, “We writers of fiction are alike in one way, we’re a mighty strange breed. We walk around with voices and shadowy figures in our heads. We tend to stare out windows, mumble to ourselves. The Normals can’t begin to understand us. Only our first cousins, the actors, can come close to matching our eccentricities. For we share the same goal; bringing characters to life”. How do actors and fictional writers achieve this goal?

We observe people everywhere we go from airports to restaurants. We take note of the smallest details from a facial expression to the tone of a voice. We become passionate students of human nature.

Brandilyn gives us an in-depth look into what makes a character come to life on the page using seven secrets taken from Method acting. I highly recommend Getting Into Character for all writers of fiction and especially screenwriters, because after all, we’re creating characters for the actors to bring to life on the screen.

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