Monday, June 22, 2015

Gardener of Dreams (G.O.D.)

by Ann Baldwin

When we plant a seed, what do we do then?

We nurture it with the right amount of light, water, and protection, along with have hope, faith, and belief that it will grow. With our patience and all of the above, mixed-in with desire and lots of LOVE, it blossoms into a beautiful flower, plant, tree, herb, vegetable, or fruit.

What happens to our DREAMS, when our heart plants the seeds in our mind?

We often forget to NURTURE them. They lie buried, deep inside, dormant, just waiting for the proper care and nourishment to GROW ~ 

Remember to FEED your DREAMS daily; nurture, care for, and love them often.

Here are a few fun, quick, simple, &/or easy action steps you can do now:

  • ~ Write and/or Sketch them out and post them, where you’ll see them every day.
  • ~ Record them in detail (audibly and/or visually) and express how good it makes you feel to be, do, or have your dream; then, listen and/or watch often.
  • ~ Cut-out pictures from a magazine of your dream and post them, where you’ll see them often.
  • ~ Go window shopping (physically or in cyberspace), take a test drive, search homes for sale  and/or visit an ‘Open House’, talk with a travel agent (get more clarity on your dream).
  • ~ Visualize yourself being, doing, and/or having your dream now.
  • ~ Make contact (connect) with people who are, do, and/or have what you want. Surround yourself with as many of them as you can (physically and/or on the internet).

Happy Trails and Remember:

Sweet Movie Dreams,
Love Always, 

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