Friday, August 3, 2012

The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write

by Mark David Gerson

Book Review by Ann Baldwin

Mark David Gerson is a screenwriter, director, award-winning author, and creator of the Q’ntana Trilogy of fantasy novels and films. The MoonQuest, the first book in the trilogy, won multiple awards. His latest book, Acts of Surrender: A Writer’s Memoir, was recently released. Mark is also an editorial consultant, creativity coach, writing-workshop facilitator, artist, photographer, broadcaster, and popular public speaker on topics related to creativity and spirituality. In his award-winning book, The Voice Of The Muse: Answering The Call To Write (LightLines Media 2008), you will open clear channels of communication between yourself and your muse, find ease in facing the blank page, and gain freedom, creativity, and confidence in your writing.

Creative writing isn’t about forging, molding, or forcing our characters and stories onto the page; it’s a natural way of allowing them to come to us to tell and show us who and what they are. All we’re doing is recording their lives onto paper or screen for them. We’re basically acting as a medium or channel through which they can come and giving their voice a way to be heard. It’s a matter of us learning to get out of the way, by getting out of our head, feeling with our heart, and being aware; so, we can be more receptive to hear their voices, see their images, and feel them just the way they are. Mark will lead you through simple, powerful, and effective techniques to achieve mastering this fine art of listening, observing, and transcribing.

Mark will help you gain a deep understanding of the whole writing process from inception through delivery. You’ll learn what ‘Writer’s Block’ really is and how to over-come it. You’ll also come to realize the true value and importance of every word you write. He teaches the use of discernment, rather than judgment, in the editing and revision stages of your writing. And, he explains how to go about getting healthy feedback on your writing.

Don’t expect to breeze through The Voice of the Muse in a hurry, because even though you can’t wait to read his next page, Mark has an incredible gift of luring you to the blank page to write; this is the true intention of his book ~ Mission Accomplished!!!

Writing is mainly a solitary occupation, so it’s nice to have a positive, encouraging mentor and companion (whom you can call upon anytime of day or night) to support and guide you along your journey. I highly recommend The Voice of the Muse for all writers; its one book you’ll want to keep close at hand in your writing library.

To learn more about Mark David Gerson, you can visit his website at and purchase a copy of his book The Voice of the Muse at his website and Amazon.

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