Monday, October 10, 2011

Driving Passion into Career Success

Hollywood Pro Reveals Hidden Passage
By Ann Baldwin

Gary W. Goldstein, author, speaker, consultant, and award-winning Hollywood film producer is President of The Goldstein Company, a film and television production company based in Los Angeles. He’s been instrumental in the success of many of Hollywood’s biggest box-office hits. His films have generated over a billion dollars in worldwide revenue and received numerous Academy Award nominations, People’s Choice Awards, a Golden Globe, and various other awards and nominations.

Gary’s films include the critically acclaimed Pretty Woman starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere (which went on to be one of Disney’s highest grossing live-action films). Another of his film successes, Under Siege (Warner Bros.), starring Tommy Lee Jones and Steven Seagal, was followed by Under Siege 2: In Dark Territory. And the much heralded adaptation of The Mothman Prophecies (Lakeshore Entertainment and Sony), starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney, also helped to earn Gary a respected reputation within the ranks of Hollywood.

Gary will host his first-ever ‘live’ event for an intimate number of screenwriters, actors, directors, and others in filmmaking on October 22 in Los Angeles. This inaugural event, “Navigating Hollywood: Your GPS to Career Success,” will allow you the opportunity to meet Gary in-person and learn his unique methods for entering the land of make-believe, raising your level of success with acceleration, and building a strong career foundation, so you can turn your dreams into a reality.

“Success in Hollywood requires more than talent” according to Goldstein. “An enduring career as a working actor, writer, or filmmaker demands simple, smart strategies that are somewhat unique to the industry. The good news is that anyone, armed with insider savvy, can stand out from the crowd to get noticed and gain access.”

“Before turning to producing, I exclusively managed actors, writers, and directors, and discovered I had a knack for launching successful careers for talented folks who simply didn’t have any resume. I’ve never lost my enthusiasm for brilliant, fresh talent that just needs some mentoring to get deeper inside the beltway of Hollywood. I’m excited because this is the first time I’m sharing what works with a ‘live’ audience outside of graduate film & TV university and college environments. Being face-to-face with actors, writers, and others ~ revealing strategies and directly answering their personal questions ~ is a dynamic, exciting way to move people forward.”

Goldstein’s own backstory is key to his helping the next generation grow their careers. “I’ve been involved with some of the best and brightest in Hollywood, and certainly experienced periods where the obstacles and rejection felt insurmountable,” he said. “But I learned. There are strategic shortcuts to gain real traction and create real and measurable progress in Hollywood. There’s nothing more frustrating than the truly gifted actor or writer who wastes years being ‘a best kept secret.’”

To learn more about Gary’s upcoming ‘Navigating Hollywood’ event on October 22, visit ~

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