Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting It Done

The Ultimate Production Assistant Guide
By Joshua Friedman

Book Review
By Ann Baldwin

Joshua Friedman has worked as a Production Assistant on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Royal Pains, and 30 Rock, along with many feature films, including Hancock, The Taking of Pelham 123, and Salt. In his new book, Getting It Done: The Ultimate Production Assistant Guide (Michael Wiese Productions February 2011), he gives you everything you need to succeed as a production assistant.

Joshua’s attitude helped him get through some challenging experiences and a few embarrassing moments, which he shares with pride and humor. He explains that while being a production assistant (more often called a PA) is hard work, it’s also very rewarding and fun.

The information he presents is comprehensive and detailed from job responsibilities of every production and crew member to all the equipment used. He includes extensive forms and checklists to get you familiar and organized, along with a glossary of terms from which to study.

This PA’s boot camp survival map prepares you to hit the ground running behind-the-scenes, before the action starts. It should be recommended reading for all film students.

You can contact Joshua Friedman for questions and comments at and purchase a copy of Getting It Done at Michael Wiese Productions , Amazon, Borders, or Barnes & Noble.

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