Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Save The Cat

The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need
By Blake Snyder

Book Review
By Ann Baldwin

Blake Snyder’s passion for screenwriting earned him millions of dollars and a reputation in Hollywood as one of the most successful spec screenwriters. In his book, Save The Cat: The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need (Michael Wiese Productions 2005) Blake will open new doors for you in the writing process and selling of your script.

His unique perspective on and approach to the fundamentals of screenwriting embraces the challenges that all screenwriters (aspiring and professional) face, like how to create a successful logline, hero your audience cares about, and solid script from fade-in to fade-out.

He sheds light on areas previously kept in the dark and shares secrets that will astound you with their simplicity. His techniques are easy and concise making their comprehension and application quick and effective. He uses numerous examples of well-known films through-out his book and each chapter concludes with a brief summary and a few exercises to get you going. He has a great sense of humor, while sharing some of his own personal experiences along the way, which makes Save The Cat a fun read as well.

While the heroes in his scripts do something good like “Save The Cat,” Blake Snyder is a hero for “Saving The Screenwriter” by sharing his invaluable knowledge. Blake says “screenwriting is like solving a puzzle over and over”; so, being the curious cats that we screenwriters are, always lured by mystery, here’s a clue: Read Save The Cat to help you find the missing pieces and put the puzzle (your script) together faster.

To read more about the late Blake Snyder you can visit http://www.blakesnyder.com/ and purchase a copy of Save The Cat at Michael Wiese Productions http://www.mwp.com , Amazon , Barnes & Noble , or Borders.


  1. Good review, but I would have thought you'd include at least one mention of his passing last year.

  2. Thank you Cynjut for the compliment. I mention his passing in the last paragraph ~ While I didn't have the opportunity to meet or know him personally, before his death, he will be remembered and his books will continue to be passed on to future generations of screenwriters & film makers.
    Ann Baldwin